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Do you want to send a gift to a person whose address is not known to you? someone that you play games with? or a co-worker? Fill out the form and we will take care of the rest!

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For multiple products in the same order, please provide the links separated by comma. We support most of the shopping websites including but not limited to Amazon, Walmart.

or we can send you a link which you can share with the receiver for their address

Send as a gift pack if the website like amazon allows? Note that they may charge extra for gift packing.

We will send you a PayPal link to make the payment once we receive the address

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we charge $5 or 3% fee (whichever is higher) once the order is confirmed.

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Seamless way to send love!

“This year, I've met some amazing people that I have yet to meet in person. When one of my new friends had to take his dog for an emergency procedure, I knew that I wanted to send something that would comfort him but didn't feel comfortable asking for his address and ruining the surprise. Finding Surprise Gift was perfect! I was able to pick out a Get Well Soon Bear and send it straight to him! I recommend this product 100%. ”

Priscilla Rangel

How it works?

Look at our simple 4 step process.


You place an order with us

By filling the above form, you will submit an order with us. We are going to provide you a shareable link as soon as you submit the order and also we will send an email to the receiver if their email address is provided

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Address received

By sharing the unique link with the receiver, we are going to receive the delivery address from them. The receiver address is safe with us as we do not share that even with the sender! Please read our privacy policy for more details


We place the order for the product

Once address is received from the receiver, we are going to finalize the total amount on the order and send a Paypal link with invoice attached to the sender to request the payment. Once the payment is received, we are going to place an order using the product link provided by the sender.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

The Gift delivered

We are going to closely track the product and also send the tracking information to the receiver. Once the Gift is delivered(yay!), we are going to notify both parties for confirmation. voila! easy peasy.

Ready to send the gift? we charge only when receiver provides the address

Frequently asked questions

Do you share the receiver's address with the sender?
No. That's what makes us different, we do not share any information of the Receiver with the Sender.
Do I need the email address of the receiver?
No, it's not required. We will share a link once the order is confirmed which you can share with the receiver to capture the address.
Do you store Credit Card information?
Credit cards are encrypted, stored, and processed by Stripe with AES-256 encryption. Full details are on the Security at Stripe page.
How do I contact you?
We are always available to assist you! Click here to leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
When will I be charged?
As soon as the address is received, we are going to finalize the total amount on the order and will charge the sender at this moment.
Can I track my order?
Absolutely YES! As soon as you placed the order on Surprise Gift, you can always track your order status here